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Bad lieutenant and Taxi Driver (the auto rickshaw tales)

Today I had another bad experience with a rickshaw. I had few others before but not worth posting anything about it. In this one, a policeman was involved. Interesting, right? Dear family, I am not in jail. Relax and continue reading.

I could try to give details about the incident that involved corruption of the policeman and the already classic cheekiness of the auto rickshaw drivers, but I won’t. I presume they underestimated how stubborn foreigners can be even if the amount discussed was no more than £2 and a policeman with a cane is asking you to pay. No, the whole discussion was not about money, it was about fairness. All ended up reasonably well and we pay what was fair for the distance. Fare and fair sounded absolutely different today.

I rather talk about the place where we took the auto rickshaw: Cubbon Park. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spaces in Bangalore. It is right in the middle of the city and offers a bit of calm to its hectic traffic. There is even a statue of Queen Victoria. Oh! It makes me feel at home.

Not far from there, you can get to the city market. Quite the opposite feeling to the park: frantic, chaotic and overwhelming. However, the area with the flowers offers a strange mixture of pleasure to the eyes and nose.

Notes to the title of the post: it was about the corruption of the policeman and not the Lieutenant-General Sir Mark Cubbon who gives name to the mentioned park.

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