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I have to confess that I neglected this blog because I am having some days off in India. Yes, I know that this should be a reason good enough to write a whole blog, but I was just relaxing and disconnecting. In fact you can’t disconnect: all my trips are booked on-line. I won’t discuss now usability of these websites, but the top of my list of user-unfriendly designs is the Indian Train reservation website. The range of frustrations go from operations restricted to certain hours of the day to mysterious messages during the payment process. If you manage to pass some complicated steps and pay for your ticket, you might realize that, in fact, you don’t have a valid ticket yet, but a lottery ticket in a waiting list and you might never get in the train. Bad news if you are not familiar with this system.

I was lucky enough to go in a night train to Cochin and experience the fantastic views of Kerala. I spent the last days visiting its obvious touristic destinations: Fort Kochi, Alleppey and Munnar right now.

I almost forgot the most frightening experience so far: being chased by a group of straight dogs in one beach in Goa. Yes, seeing a group of dogs running towards you and barking franticly gives you just enough time to say goodbye to life. Nothing happened at the end and we were laughing nervously soon after feeling extremely relieved and happy to be in the hotel and not in one hospital explaining why I didn’t take the rabies vaccination back home.

While traveling in India, I learnt that my office is going to be closed and I will be relocated to another office 70 Km away from home. If I used to moan about the 19 Km between Highbury and Ealing…

I confess: I am a tourist

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