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Can entrepreneurship be taught?

I can only confirm that with the support of NEN and their team it can be encouraged: I’ve seen how they helped to channel allĀ  the talent and energy of an extremely young group of students attending TATA first dot workshop in Bangalore.

If you are playing with the idea of creating your own business, I am sure that Vasanti Venugopal can inspire you to make it happen. Few lines in a presentation and some ideas captured in a whiteboard, that’s all the multimedia required to engage her audience, willing to share their own ideas for business: from music creation using Internet to recycling bottles to make synthetic fabrics.

I don’t know if I what I captured was the energy of Bangalore, India or just this group of entrepreneurs. I am inclined to think that it is the confidence of a country growing steadily for a long time. I wish all the best for the young entrepreneurs that I met today.

Vasanti Venugopal



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