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I don’t quite follow you

Today, I spent quite a good chunk of my day in Twitter. To be precise, I spent few hours around Twitter if that makes sense. I was writing the guidelines when using this social network. Now it doesn’t sounds as fun as you thought, right?

I haven’t finished the first draft yet, the document contains more than 140 characters. I am still finding the right tone so creativity is not completely cut off from the tweets. When rules tend to infinitum, message interest tends to zero, under certain conditions equals to yawn.

Don’t forget the lovely metrics: how many people are following you? Who do you follow? Who is mentioning your name, your hashtags? Ah! All kind of flamenco songs about terrible jealousy comes to my mind. Or even worst, all these films and songs about paranoia and stalkers. Do you remember that Police’s song “Every breath you take”? Sting didn’t have Twitter of Facebook back then: it is the confession of a stalker.

I leave you with Peggy March. She knew about following in the 60s, long time before Twitter.

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