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Broken links and lonely hearts

Nandi Hills balloonHow many usability mistakes can I find in the website I am evaluating?

For a start, today the website was down during certain period of time due to reverse proxy problems. Oh my! I thought that was only happening back in the 90s. Well, that is not a design problem, but it was worth mentioning.

I better go with a quick list before you get bored reading all the explanations:

  • Broken links: I was wondering if it was worth creating a nice 404 custom page that redirects to a random page on the site. We can call it the link Bingo! If you are lucky, you might land on a page that contains some useful information.
  • A lengthy form to register in order to read something that should be publicly available.
  • Outdated content: well, this is not a design problem, but who wants to read old content not relevant today?
  • Facebook Widget that allows me to see people liking their page. I am the only one not finding this useful at all? I rather have their latest post there.

I better stop moaning about how wrong everything is and start rolling my sleeves to fix it and contribute to create a beautiful website.

Now that I am back to happier thoughts, I would like to share with you that I visited Nandi Hills, a beautiful place just about 60 Km from Bangalore. It is a peaceful place to enjoy a day out with the family.

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